A Well Drilling Contractor in Shreveport, LA Explains Water Wells

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Whether you have had a well for a long time or you’re planning on having one installed in the future, it can be beneficial to understand the basics of water wells. Drilled wells are designed to deliver clean water to homes and businesses that are outside of municipal water jurisdictions. Wells that are constructed properly and well maintained can last for years. For well owners, a basic knowledge of well installation and proper function can help you ensure that your water well continues to work to its best capacity.

How a water well is installed

When a well drilling contractor in Shreveport, LA installs a water well, they begin by boring a hole into the ground. Then, a casing is placed into the hole that prevents contamination and houses a pumping mechanism. The casing also houses a pipe that carries ground water to the surface. The geographical makeup of your area is the largest determining factor for the intake portion of your water well. Depending on your terrain, the intake could be screened and packed with gravel, or it could simply be an open hole in the bedrock.

Once the well has been drilled, it is pumped in order to further establish the quantity of water that it can produce, as well as the condition of the water. A well drilling contractor in Shreveport, LA will then add a well cap and an air vent. An air vent normalizes the pressure within the well and releases gases from the ground to the air outside of the well.

If you have a well that has already been established, especially an older well, maintenance and testing of your well should be a priority. Regular maintenance from professional well contractors, in addition to routine water testing, can keep your well water healthy and can increase the longevity of your well. As a well owner, you can keep your well in good condition by keeping any potentially hazardous chemicals or materials away in order to prevent dangerous water contamination.

It’s also important to keep the area surrounding your well free from any leaves, lawn clippings and other debris that can lead to drainage problems. Checking on the condition of your well cap should also be a part of your regular well maintenance routine. Your cap should be in good condition so that it is able to perform its necessary function for your well.

Contact a well drilling contractor in Shreveport, LA

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