The Importance of Well Water Testing Service in Shreveport, LA

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You depend on your well to supply you and your home with fresh, clean water that you can depend on for daily use and consumption. Because of this, it is essential to know the condition of your well water by testing it. Even if you don’t notice any changes in the quality of your water or the functioning of your well, it’s recommended that well owners have their water tested for bacteria and other contaminants at least once every year. There are certain signs that indicate the need for testing services that you should look out for.

Signs that you should get your water tested

There are several signs that you should have your well water tested for contamination or bacteria. One important consideration is the date of your last water test. If it’s been more than a year or you’re unsure of the last time that your water underwent a test, it’s definitely time to get your water tested. Another factor that might indicate a need for well water testing service in Shreveport, LA is any visible damage to your well’s cap or signs of flooding or other possible contamination. Any time a problem occurs that could affect your well water, you should have testing done to verify that there hasn’t been any contamination.

One pretty clear sign that there might be an issue with the quality of your water is a change in its look, taste or smell. Additionally, if you notice that a family member or houseguest becomes ill after drinking water from your well, or if you have a newborn or another individual with a weaker immune system coming into your home, it’s a good idea to test the quality of your water to protect the health of your family and friends.

Common contaminants of well water

When you hire a well water testing service in Shreveport, LA, the most common things that will be tested for are bacteria, nitrates and other components in your water that might be contaminating it. Bacteria like coliform, which is found in human and animal waste, are common and appear in well water as a result of some level of contamination. In most cases, this bacteria doesn’t pose a serious health problem, but a test will still be necessary to determine if further steps must be taken.

Another contamination concern is with nitrates from fertilizers and septic systems. Nitrates can pose a health risk if they make their way into your well and should be tested for accordingly. A well water test also checks for PH, iron and hardness of the water to ensure that all of the components are in check.

Professional well water testing service in Shreveport, LA

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