How Much Does It Cost to Drill a Well?

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Putting in a private or public water well is not a cheap project. However, for some people, a well is the only way to access water, making well drilling and repairs necessary expenses. Finding yourself in this situation does not have to be stressful. Nor should it scare you away from purchasing a home on an independent well system. Whether you are upgrading a well or planning to have one installed on your property, it’s important to know ahead of time the costs for parts and services.

Talking to expert drilling contractors in Shreveport, LA is the best way to find out just how much it’s going to cost you to drill a water well. Here are a few things they want you to keep in mind:

  • Factors that affect the cost: Drilling costs depends on several factors, including the type of equipment and machinery used, well depth, water capacity needed for the property, the size the hole needs to be and the composition of the soil. Other expenses like the well pump and other system components should also get calculated in. And don’t forget you’ll need to get a building permit.
  • The typical way drillers charge: Most well drillers charge by the foot, with prices dependent on the state in which you reside, the well’s location and, sometimes, the size of the drilling team. Also, if there are several drilling companies in the area, that means competition is high. You are likely to get a better deal on the price per foot.
  • Costs vary between well drillers: Since each company has its own list of fees, you want to compare the prices of at least three drillers before selecting one. After inspecting your property, a good company will offer a cost estimate that includes their price per foot, casing charge and maybe even your permit.
  • Well site location services: Although you may have a spot in mind for your well, you must seek well site location services. Well drillers use a variety of tools to locate potential water sources to drill your well—you can trust a professional to pick a good well location. Water source location services typically do not cost extra, unless specialized computer equipment is used.
  • Casing charges: The casing needed to line the well is also charged on a per foot basis. This component prevents the well from crumbling inward because drilling may go through underground streams, sand, pebbles or gravel.
  • Setup and takedown fees: It’s not uncommon for a drilling company to charge for setup and takedown of their equipment—for instance, needing a special truck to transport equipment. This is especially a possibility if your well location is in a hard-to-reach location.

Because this is a simple outline of the different costs associated with drilling a well, and fees and services vary depending on the location and the company, you need to consult professional drilling contractors in Shreveport, LA directly. At Complete Well & Pump Service LLC, we are available to answer your questions and can provide more detailed information. Call us today!

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