Water Well Services in Shreveport, LA

Complete Well & Pump Service LLC is your all-in-one well pump repair contractor in Shreveport, LA. Whatever the needs of your well, trust that our experienced team is ready to tackle them. From repairing the lining to replacing the pump, jetting the well to decommissioning it, we do it all.

Our approach to delivering well service and well water pump repair in Shreveport, LA is simple. We address the individual needs of your pump and strive to deliver tailored services to keep it in top functional condition. Our abilities include:


  • Air jet wells: When roots or other impediments grow into a well, they need to be dealt with accordingly. This means air jetting them to remove blockages and obstructions so water can flow freely again.
  • Water testing: Not sure what’s lurking in your water? Let us tell you! Knowing what contaminants may be present in your water supply will help you choose the right filtration or purification system.
  • Pump and pipe replacements: If your pump becomes nonfunctional or your plumbing is damaged, a replacement is necessary. We’re on hand to provide you with a quality water pump replacement in Shreveport, LA, complete with hassle-free installation.
  • Pressure gauge services: Getting intermittent water pressure? Low flow? We’ll check and repair your pressure gauge to make sure you’re getting proper flow at all times.
  • Well abandonment/plugging: If it’s time to retire your water well, let us do it properly. We decommission wells to EPA standards, ensuring environmental safety and cleanliness.

To consult with us about our full scope of well services, please contact us today by calling (318) 925-4580. We bring unparalleled levels of experience to every job and make it our mission to leave you with a well that’s in its best, safest, most functional condition.